About Ashley

Ashley is an international lifestyle and fitness photographer based in LA. Her experience has led her to travel around the world, gaining contracts with Vogue, Art + Commerce and leading industry companies like lululemon. Ashley's focus is on social media based branding and trends across lifestyle fashion and yoga brands; her work can often be found in fitness magazines worldwide along side social media influencer's platforms.




Ashley got her start double majoring in Commercial and Advertising photography with a concentration in Fashion and Architecture at the world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.

Her life led her to Paris post graduation where she got her first taste at a fashion week. Ashley notes that this was a life changing experience. Photographing fashion shows and street fashion was exciting and gave her a rush, but combined with the beauty of age old architecture in the background gave her even more of a thrill.

2012 – PRESENT

Upon returning to the states, Ashley’s lifestyle and love for fitness had her move to LA where she began shooting for lululemon athletica. Ashley says it was the best of both worlds-fashion and fitness.

This move to LA really took off for Ashley’s career. She’s built quite a name for herself amongst the yoga and fitness communities, fitness apparel lines and fitness magazines.


  • E! News
  • Tiny Devotions
  • ALO Yoga
  • SELF
  • Yoga Journal
  • ET
  • MindBodyGlow
  • teeki
  • lululemon
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Carbon38
  • Michi
  • LA Yoga
ashley streff photography
ashley streff photography
ashley streff photography



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