Amanda Gilbert Meditation



If you’re not already a fan or follower of @amandagilbertmeditation, let’s fix that right now. Amanda is a major player in the world of mindfulness that you most definitely need to connect with! She’s unbelievably smart and uses her scientific background when it comes to meditation, lending major credibility to her work. It can sometimes feel like we’re missing that in the wellness world, right? Anyone out there can share their ideas and offer advice without specific credentials or education, and that’s why I’m such a big fan of Amanda: She’s dedicated her life’s work to meditation and she has a strong background in the research of it, so she’s someone I know I can trust! Being a meditation teacher, she obviously has the chillest, calmest, and most positive spirit, too, which made doing a branding shoot with her so much fun! We took photos for her website and for the upcoming meditation course she’s releasing, and we’ve already planned to work together on another shoot in January of 2018. I can’t wait to reconnect with this radiant babe again soon!

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