Beverly Hills Wedding



This Beverly Hills wedding pulled out all the stops; the modern affair brought on the old Hollywood charm with it’s Greystone Mansion location and carefully thought out aesthetic touches like the bride’s glamorous gown and beautifully-styled blonde hair. Tara and Sergio’s love story is shown through the fun they have with each other. Always smiling, both the bride and groom gracefully went through their day looking so happy and connected! The bride’s brother ordained the ceremony and added such a special touch of kindness and humor. In true Beverly Hills fashion, the couple showed off some serious style with Tara’s Louis Vuitton shoes, Sergio’s Gucci belt, and their classy Mercedes Benz getaway car that let led them straight to @chefwolfgangpuck’s restaurant, @spagobh, on Canon drive. And yes, even Wolfgang himself made an appearance at the reception (and I even got to meet him!). Talk about a #classy affair.

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