Fitness Shoot with @melisfit



Melissa from @melisfit_ is a good influencer friend of ours who is truly the queen of positivity and a total must-follow on Instagram! Her yoga classes are so affirmative, supportive, and filled with all kinds of goodness; she really knows how to make you feel your best inside and out. Whenever I take her classes I seriously find myself repeating things in my head like, “yeah, I CAN do it! I AM beautiful! It IS gonna be okay!” It sounds cheesy, but I always feel so great about myself when I’m with her, so I was so happy to return the favor by taking photos of her for her new portfolio. Since Melissa is not just a yoga teacher and influencer but also a fit model and print model, she needed photos for her modeling book. I love how striking these images turned out, which is frankly really easy to do when your model is this gorgeous!

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