SoCal Snow Day!



We were supposed to be in Yosemite. Yosemite was the plan! A full weekend of exploring the park and all of her beauty. Just insert yogis into backdrop, and bam! Beautiful photos. That, yup, that was the plan. But then California decided for that ONE weekend out of ALL the weekends in the last few years she’d like to dump one seriously heavy rain storm upon us. Since I’ve been in California for the last decade, I’ve relied on the weather always being shootable. Even if it rained, it would be over night, or a shower in the morning, but only rarely a storm. So, we thought, of course, this weekend we would be in Yosemite! Is it funny that the thought of a storm did not even enter our minds?

Anyway, us girls really wanted to explore. Our adventurous hearts were set on getting out of the city to feel enriched by nature. A surprise to me, just 1 1/2 hours away from LA were mountains that were rumored to have snow. Snow?! In SoCal? (And not Big Bear?) I had to see it for myself. We packed up the car and took to the road.

Just 7 miles away we looked out our windows; no snow. I couldn’t believe in 7 miles we would find any. Rolling the windows down, we checked to feel the coolness of the air. Ok, we’re getting there. Up the mountain we head, determined to find snow, our prayers were answered; we were fully enveloped in the magical forest like beauty.

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