Spatial Solutions Branding Shoot



Dany from @spatialsoulutions has completely changed my home life. She brought her grounded energy into my home and focused on cleaning house during the eclipses. We spent nearly 30 hrs (no lies) going through and organizing every single thing I own! Growing a business on your own is no joke. I’ve spent years neglecting my personal happiness to a major degree in order to build my career foundation. I don’t go to the same job every day, do the same work, leave, and know I get paid a certain amount every two weeks, month, or year. It can cause a LOT of anxiety and stress to have to build your own network, find clientele, and practice being amazing at the service you provide—all without the security of regular job. It’s all day, everyday. In this line of work, you feel like if you slow down, jobs won’t come in and you’ll have no way to pay for life. And, I’ll be honest—that has happened to me A LOT while trying to build this business from scratch. You burn out. You get exhausted. You feel overwhelmed. And if you stop before the foundation is built, the rest of it stops too. Which is why I couldn’t create the space for my personal life that I really needed, and why so much stuck energy was sitting in my home. Maybe it’s because I never thought I was going to stay in my apartment for long; I didn’t really think I’d be in LA for more than a year, or 3…but now 5 years later I’m so grateful for this city and grateful for the people who have come into my life that support me here! Working with the new moon, Dany has helped me create space for the next chapter: for clarity, peace, and new love. My business is expanding, the foundation is strong, and now, my home can actually be a home and a place that helps restore me. Forever indebted to Spatial Solutions & Dany!

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