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Jan 16, 2018

Fitness Shoot with @melisfit

Melissa from @melisfit_ is a good influencer friend of ours who is truly the queen of positivity and a total must-follow on Instagram! Her yoga classes are so affirmative, supportive, and filled with all kinds of goodness; she really knows how to make you feel your best inside and out. Whenever I take her classes […]



Jan 10, 2018

Reunited with Jordan Younger

Since both of our plates were ridiculously full over these past two months, Jordan from @thebalancedblonde and I hadn’t connected to work together in more than 8 weeks—which, when you love someone that much, is way too long!! I missed working with one of my favorite humans on this planet! I was so excited to […]



Jan 8, 2018

Amanda Gilbert Meditation

If you’re not already a fan or follower of @amandagilbertmeditation, let’s fix that right now. Amanda is a major player in the world of mindfulness that you most definitely need to connect with! She’s unbelievably smart and uses her scientific background when it comes to meditation, lending major credibility to her work. It can sometimes […]


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