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Ashlee and Aaron on their wedding day
AshLee Fraizer on her wedding day

AshLee Frazier Wedding

A bride sitting on a rustic chair
SB Life&Style Wedding photoshoot with Ashley Streff

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Hometown Engagement Session

Last month we flew to Boston to shoot this timeless congressional couple. Joe creates strategies and campaigns for congressmen, and was even doing some work with Hillary Clinton last week! His fiancee, Nicky, is one of my oldest and...

Personalized His and Hers Wooden Watches

So, Matt has been talking for months about how he wanted to invest in a new watch.  I  spent years going to specialized watch stores with my father before he made his big purchase.  I feel like I have...

Fitness Shoot with @melisfit

Melissa from @melisfit_ is a good influencer friend of ours who is truly the queen of positivity and a total must-follow on Instagram! Her yoga classes are so affirmative, supportive, and filled with all kinds of goodness;...


Not only did Ashley capture my wedding in the most romantic, magical and memorable way but she made time to get all the details I personal requested. Ashley handled herself with such dignity and class. I will forever be thankful to her for shooting my special day.
- AshLee Frazier
Ashley captured our day beautifully! So many of our guests have complimented our wedding photos, and we love reliving our special day through them. Ashley is personable, punctual, and extremely professional. She is also super easy and, maybe more importantly, super fun to work with! I highly recommend Ashley Streff Photography!
- Emma Hiscocks
FIVE STARS! Ashley's work ethic and final product are golden. She's easy to work with, patient, and professional. Ashley has perfected her craft, she was able to see our vision for our wedding photos and captured them perfectly. Plus, her turn-around was super fast! We definitely appreciated her timeliness. Our photos are now scattered throughout our house and the hardest part was picking our favorites to frame. Definitely recommended!
- Lauren H.

Hey there! So happy you have arrived at my site! Over the last decade, I’ve been lucky enough to work as a professional commercial and advertising photographer. The times have changed since I first started learning about photography and due to digital cameras and social media, we’re exploring visual communication at a rapid pace. I’m excited to share with you all aspects of the commercial photography I create. I’ve done a lot this last decade. I’ve lived in Paris, been represented by Vogue, Art + Commerce, flown all over the world photographing for magazines and travel content to support our newest platform “social media”, I’ve adventured into the art of weddings, spent much time developing brand content, and even built some visual accounts for leading companies in the health and wellness world like Lululemon. Really, I’ve had my hands in everything but don’t worry, I’ve taken my time to perfect my craft so that each area of my business gets the same high-quality content and level of professionalism. I’m lucky that my passion has allowed me to work in every area I’m interested in. I love what I do and would love for you to be apart of it.

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AshLee standing by the window
AshLee Fraizer in her wedding dress
Aaron Williams on his wedding day
AshLee Fraizer on her wedding day
AshLee Fraizer and Aaron Williams wedding
Girl in a bathtub holding a bottle of perfume
Barefoot Blonde Hair LA
A girl with braided hair in a striped shirt
Braided blonde hair
Bee Bosnak standing by a window
Bee Bosnak holding hands in a prayer position
Bee Bosnak in a photoshoot with Ashley Streff
Bee Bosnak doing yoga
Ashley Streff photoshooting with Bee Bosnak
Venice and Wade photoshoot with Ashley Streff
A girl in a bathtub
Two models wearing Venice and Wade dresses
Venice & Wade Photoshoot with Ashley Streff
A wedding couple on the beach
A picnic on the beach shot by Ashley Streff Photography
A wedding couple drinking champagne on the beach
A bridal bouquet shot by Ashley Streff Photography
The bride and the groom kissing at the altar
A wedding ceremony shot by Ashley Streff Photography
A wedding ceremony photographed by Ashley Streff
Children at a wedding ceremony
A bride sitting on a rustic chair
A bride holding a wedding bouquet
A bride photographed by Ashley Streff
Coral Perfume by Skylar Body
A model holding a bottle of Coral Perfume by Skylar Body
A basket of flowers and the Coral Perfume by Skylar Body shot by Ashley Streff
Two roses and Skylar Body creams
A model holding two white roses and the Skylar Body Coral Perfume
A girl model shot by Ashley Streff Photography

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