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Holiday Gift Guide for The Photographer in Your Life


Welcome to my holiday gift guide for the photographer in your life!

I’ve created this guide for a few essentials that every photographer needs and for a little inspiration in their life too. Enjoy!


Storage for our photos is essential for photography, and we are constantly running out of space, surprise them with an external hard drive that they didn’t know they needed! There are a bunch on Amazon to choose from!


Continuing with the storage theme, memory cards are a great stocking stuffer idea and are under $50, there are a lot of options on Amazon! A case for memory cards is another great gift, memory cards are small and can easily be lost and misplaced, you can find this case on Amazon as well.


Polaroid cameras are a great gift for any photographer, where they are just starting out or a pro. You can get a full sized one, and don’t forget about the film that goes along with it! Or there is a mini option along with mini-sized film!


Everyone loves the artwork and Etsy has some great camera blueprint posters that you can get printed in any size.


Photographers carry around a lot of gear from cameras, memory cards, and attachments, a good quality camera bag is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t own one yet. There are great affordable options, as well as camera bags for people who love fashion! Kelly Moore is a great brand that has stylish bags that can hold anything a photographer needs on the go. I love this black one. and this one because of the long straps, and this tote is great for organizing.


Portable camera lens for iPhones is perfect for the photographer on the go. iPhones have developed a great camera and added these lenses can take those photos to the next level. Urban Outfitters has some great lens kits for any smartphone for under $30. There is even a camera attachment that turns your iPhone into a 360 camera.


Coffee table books are great for inspiration and decor for the home. Barnes and Noble and some great options for fashion photographers and wedding photographers. National Geographic has some great options for the photographer who love scenery.


Magazine Subscriptions are a great gift that keeps on coming every month. Personally, I love Darling Magazine, Kinfolk, and Flutter Magazine.


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