Bare Foot Blonde Hair Event



I can’t say enough great things about the @barefootblondehair team! I connected so well with @amberfillerup’s assistants (founder of the Barefoot Blonde brand) at this amazing event at @ninezeroone salon: the ultimate mecca for ‘cool girl’ hair. Amber truly has wonderful, amazing people around her and I really vibed with her team. It’s hard to believe I actually wasn’t familiar with Amber’s blog & brand before this event, but now I’m sooo inspired by her and all of the images she and Barefoot Blonde Hair create. Amber actually has a photography background which is why her shots are so beautiful—she has a photographer’s eye!—and she’s so talented in a million ways. I love that she’s used these talents to build an incredible hair extensions brand, and the quality is so amazing. I even got to meet the lovely @ashpettyhair, who is responsible for all of the brand’s enviable hairstyling. All those epic braids you see? That’s all her. She’s literally the most impressive person ever.

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