Beverly Hills Hotel + Food + Yoga = <3



Hey friends!  Just a normal Saturday morning here in Beverly Hills.  I drove down the street to The Beverly Hills Hotel to meet my friend Celeste of The True Spoon for yoga and brunch; it was a “work day”.  See, the funny thing about my work is that sometimes I show up on location and my “work” involves the contents that make up a wonderful day off!  And today was one of those days I kept giggling because, well, if this is work, than I really feel like I’ve done something right.  Of course I had to spend the rest of my Saturday processing, editing, and doing all the backend, no more socializing, but hey, I also did that from my bed, with my assistant (aka my kitty, Minnie) and had Friends running in the background, so it could be worse.

Celeste and I layered up for our frigid 59 degree outdoor yoga class on the greens of the hotel.  To my surprise, Amy Rose was teaching (fun fact, I shot her lululemon ambassador photos about a 1 1/2 years ago) and it is always SO nice to have someone you know teaching your practice.  She’s also super warm, so her energy heated us all up! (Or maybe it was all the ab work we did.)

We worked up an appetite to indulge in the real reason why we were there; BRUNCH! Celeste is a food blogger I was introduced to through an influencer shoot with Kit and Ace and we’ve loved hanging out and working together ever since.  If you haven’t looked at her site already, I highly suggest it.  I’m always fascinated watching her work because her styling is just out of this world!  I think because I’m a creative, and that I take photos for a living, I’m just in shock that I can’t see what she sees.  Truly my brain just doesn’t work that way, but she somehow does it just effortlessly.  So seriously, look at her site, and get some amazing recipes while you’re at it.  😉




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