Reunited with Jordan Younger



Since both of our plates were ridiculously full over these past two months, Jordan from @thebalancedblonde and I hadn’t connected to work together in more than 8 weeks—which, when you love someone that much, is way too long!! I missed working with one of my favorite humans on this planet! I was so excited to reconnect with her and shoot some stunning new pastel-colored @aloyoga gear that she flawlessly modeled. I also snapped the glowing pic of Jordan on the top right before she headed off to Bali with her main squeeze, Jonathan (@inspire_people). Her trip looks like the most relaxing and divine thing I’ve ever seen, so be sure you’re following along on Instagram!! And if anyone out there hasn’t listened to her podcast, I want to give the biggest shout out to the TBB Soul on Fire podcast. Jordan is constantly bringing in bigger names with amazing perspective and advice, and she’s always on a quest to spread more light and love, so I highly encourage you to listen. Just don’t blame me if you get totally addicted!

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