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Philosophie & Sophie Jaffe; Superfoods & Superwoman


Here at The Social Well, we feel so lucky to be able to work with incredible people and super women like Sophie Jaffe and her superfoods company, Philosophie. It is important to us to work with brands that promote healthy living, for both body and soul.

Brands like Philosophie Super Foods, that are raw, holistic, and clean; because we want people to feel good about what they put into and on their bodies. To us, health and wellness isn’t just about being on trend; it really is about being healthy and taking care of your body in the best way. 

How it Started for Sophie + Ashley

Ashley met Sophie Jaffe, founder of Philosophie, when they first worked together with Lululemon. Ashley was their social media guru (she started the instagram account @lululemonla) and helped introduce the idea of working with influencers; Sophie was one of the first influencers that Lululemon worked with. Sophie is still a popular yoga and nutrition influencer, who also has a following among moms. 

Ashley and Sophie have remained a part of a community of wellness influencers who have supported each other since the beginning of social media’s influential rise.

Sophie and Philosophie

Mom. Wife. Entrepreneur. Friend. Daughter. Superwoman.

Sophie’s superfood company, Philosophie has always been at the top of list of Ashley’s fav products and Sophie is one of Ashley’s favorite people. The products are not only delicious; but are also made of whole ingredients and are organic.

Not only has Sophie launched this incredible and delicious company, but she also runs a blog (we love this post about her balance between being a CEO and Mama) and is followed by many moms on Instagram. Her opinion and advice to followed by many mama’s out there, and we just love her for her knowledge and her heart.

How It’s Going: Philosophie + The Social Well

Among Ashley’s favorites to eat and  to promote is also the Coconut Magic which is a great alternative as a pick me up snack during the day. Once you learn about how particular nutrients affect your body and can easily support you even on an hourly basis, it’s hard not to look for brands like Philosophie that have great taste and impeccable nutritional value; but that are also vegan, gluten free and raw.

“Since being gluten free since 2003 and primarily dairy free I’ve read a lot of labels in my life and when you eat for nutritional value you taste test a lot of products along the way. I have a major chocolatey sweet tooth and Sophie’s cacao flavors satisfy me that”

Ashley recently helped Sophie’s launch her new product Liquid Sunshine a concentrated liquid chlorophyll with mint essential oils. “It’s my new favorite. My body, my digestive system always feels toxic and this product leaves me feeling detoxified, hydrated and clean.”

The Social Well

Sophie is also one of the original clients of the Social Well; having been by Ashley’s side for the last seven years. Sophie is one of those friends, clients and influencers who consistently shows up for Ashley and the Social Well team in many ways.

Sophie is our go to when it comes to working with nutrition products and is always willing to hop in a shoot for us. The relationship between Sophie and Ashley is what we hope to bring to all of our clients- you’re not just getting a great branding and public relations package- but also joining a community. 

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