Hello my friends!  I’m so excited to share this recap about our May Photographer’s Brunch! On May 25th 2019, we gathered in a beautiful venue, Plant Food + Wine in Venice, CA. It’s a plant based restaurant with delicious food and beautiful décor perfect for a photographer’s eye to enjoy. It’s been a dream of […]


July 9, 2019

Photographer’s Brunch Recap

Why I believe in Mentorship I want to talk about mentorship.  By now, you’re probably very familiar with the rise of coaching, mentoring, workshops and digital courses.  But are they really worth it? My answer it yes.  But it’s not a short answer. I graduated from photography school in my early 20’s during the recession. […]


April 5, 2019

The Yes and No’s of Mentorship

First let’s talk about branding. Branding is a key element to a successful business.  With the flood of small businesses people are creating, we’re talking, an epidemic of people leaving their corporate jobs to pursue their own businesses, it’s more important than ever before to understand branding.  Now, I fully believe that everyone has their role […]


March 23, 2019

Why it’s so important to find the right branding photographer.

Lightroom was originally intended for professional photographers as a software for editing imagery. It allowed photographers to easily categorize their projects and edit more quickly by creating presets. Presets are editing actions saved into a file where you can quickly hit the action button and instantly have each photo edited. This significantly cut down photographer’s […]


April 3, 2018


The Canon 85mm 1.2 It’s the absolute best for portrait lenses.  It does not distort like other lenses can.  For instance, a wider lens like a 35mm or  24-70mm is sensitive to distortion.  In portraiture, I want to make sure that my clients are portrayed in the best way possible without enlarging/shrinking or lengthening/shortening shapes. […]


March 22, 2018

Meet my favorite lens

This community is everything. Yesterday was so full of magic at the @thegoodfest. It’s so fun to see all my friends giving their gifts of knowledge to 400 women. To my loves, @iamsahararose@thebalancedblonde @sophie.jaffe@kelseyjpatel @elevatetheglobe and to @theskinnyconfidential for constantly spreading your knowledge of what’s to come, and so fun to hang with my ladies […]


February 7, 2018

The Good Fest 2018

Last month we flew to Boston to shoot this timeless congressional couple. Joe creates strategies and campaigns for congressmen, and was even doing some work with Hillary Clinton last week! His fiancee, Nicky, is one of my oldest and dearest friends from high school. These two are seriously a match made in heaven, because even […]


February 6, 2018

Hometown Engagement Session

So, Matt has been talking for months about how he wanted to invest in a new watch.  I  spent years going to specialized watch stores with my father before he made his big purchase.  I feel like I have a pretty good handle on quality, ya know? haha, I never intended on being the one […]


January 16, 2018

Personalized His and Hers Wooden Watches

Melissa from @melisfit_ is a good influencer friend of ours who is truly the queen of positivity and a total must-follow on Instagram! Her yoga classes are so affirmative, supportive, and filled with all kinds of goodness; she really knows how to make you feel your best inside and out. Whenever I take her classes […]


January 16, 2018

Fitness Shoot with @melisfit

Since both of our plates were ridiculously full over these past two months, Jordan from @thebalancedblonde and I hadn’t connected to work together in more than 8 weeks—which, when you love someone that much, is way too long!! I missed working with one of my favorite humans on this planet! I was so excited to […]


January 10, 2018

Reunited with Jordan Younger


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